Keepin it Real....

Keepin it Real....

Keeping it real!...☺️

Anyone that knows me on a personal level knows I’m no wall flower but put me in front of a camera and just like any other woman on the planet I pull myself apart..😆

However, after much convincing from kind customers, friends and my staff I have decided to take the plunge and be the ‘face’ of my business.. but more importantly to practice what we preach to our beautiful customers, and that’s to embrace what we have, rather than try to hide or be someone we’re not..! Those who love you don’t care what you look like..

I am a regular woman size 10, with curves and most of the time looking like a hot mess! 🙈🙉
But hey, that’s life and I don’t take myself too seriously! But Like many, I have my insecurities and taking a photo is one of them..

My objective is to show you that our style picks cater for women of all shapes sizes between the ages of 25yrs and up.. our sizes are 8-16 and we also have a - more to love category with sizes 16-20.

As you can see, I’m curvy, short, 41 a mother of 2, and NO supermodel! So if I can rock it, you definitely can! And we are here to help with styling according to your age and body type.. we do not do BS or a hard sell, we keep it real!

So with that said.. Thankyou to all who have my back (you know who you are) and the very patient beautiful photographer Debbie from What Deb Snapped Photography

Please enjoy our new arrivals, and Thankyou for your support.. also don’t forget to check out our sales - prices have been slashed for real!

Remember to keep it real, & be kind to yourself!


Natasha & the 
BC Team xox

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