About Us

Belle Cose means "beautiful things" in Italian, and this is exactly what we strive to bring to you.

Nothing but beautiful clothes, gifts, jewellery & accessories; that whilst they don't cost the earth, they are not cheaply made but rather with quality and true style in mind. 

A Belle Cose Woman is someone's mother, wife, daughter, friend, lover, girlfriend & more, She is also more than the clothes she wears. 

She is always modesty dressed letting her personality shine through by being confident, bold, unique, genuine, caring, courageous, gentle, yet strong..

 A Belle woman is YOU!!!

Our Brands


We are a one stop shop for the perfect outfit, accessory or gift.

Everything in the shop is carefully chosen and handpicked for women from all walks of life, it is their own innate style however that will make each individual unique.

It is our promise to never over saturate our shop with product, but rather have fewer pieces, that once we saw we knew you couldn't live without.

We do not like to repeat pieces and will absolutely ONLY repeat once and would have to be an absolute stand out! 

Every woman deserves the best and we think your wardrobe will thank you for it!